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After Your Psychic Tarot Reading

Play your cards right! A psychic tarot reading today can be just what you need to get you started…

A bit like those New Year Resolutions? Best of intentions and all that.

”When it comes to doing something about it… … well, you know what’s it like…”

Sounds familiar? Sometimes the reason why a certain situation in life simply doesn’t change or actually gets worse is because of that feeling gnawing away inside that nothing you can ever do will make things change for the better…

“God knows I’ve tried, so why not try asking the gods, the spirits, an online tarot reading – it’s so easy!”

But what happens afterwards?

Did you simply ask your question and then wait to hear what you wanted to hear?

The problem is that following a psychic reading you may definitely feel more upbeat… enough even to think “Yep, like it, all sounds good, been thinking the same way myself”, but then what? Just carry on as usual and wait for something to happen, but still nothing happens…

What if the tarot cards or the psychic reading advise a period of calm. A time for inner-reflection to work productively through a process of thought visualisation and harmonising of spiritual energies. Do you think, “OK then” and promptly forget about it?

Did you actually get all or nearly all that was said during a reading? Or did you simply ask your question and then wait to hear what you wanted to hear and not really take much in? Perhaps you’re simply finding it hard to recall everything that was said. Sometimes, it can be a little difficult to admit you don’t understand something, and ask for it to be repeated or explained again so you finally do “get it.”

You may suddenly see a general theme emerge from the various images

There is likely to be at least one big moment when something the psychic says does strike home! It could be the spark needed… that ”Aha, take on me” feeling over a word or a phrase that connects and sticks with you for days afterwards. You’re maybe saying (or singing) it now!

The aim of psychic or tarot readings is self-empowerment. You may suddenly see a general theme emerge from the various images and their prescribed interpretation. A psychic may draw your attention to any apparent similarity of meaning suggested from the spread of the cards. Often after a reading you may suddenly start to notice that same theme in other areas of your life.

A suggested way forward can sometimes appear to confirm your own conclusions, and backing up your resolution to see it become a reality. But will it happen? You may come away from a reading with that sense of uplift you were looking for – and which you had told yourself you needed to get yourself motivated. You know that it’s up to you in the end. The cards do not predict the future – their job is to focus inner and outer energies. To kickstart a process that empowers you to create a future that you predict.

You should now feel the ability to better influence what is happening in your life

But what if a reading seems to have nothing to say to you? And you’re still unclear and as unsure as ever as to how to make that step for a real change in your life. Spiritualised energy exists in its own time and space. In response to your question, a psychic can interpret the energies when intuitively revealed through the images and symbols. Then they will try to help you understand what the possibilities are for acting upon the suggested answer.

Whatever the outcome, doing nothing should not be the default position after a reading! It’s important to take note of the particular interpretation that a psychic brings to your attention and the course of action indicated. You may feel at first that nothing is happening or, if something happened, it was not what you expected!

But now you should feel part of the process, with the ability to better influence the changes you seek. To start, stop or change those aspects of your life that need transformation. Listening and taking in the message is the first step.

The cards will play you right – but sticking to a resolution is not always easy!

Just like the ones for new year, don’t put them off until next year…

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