Psychic Intuition

Angel Mind Melds and Psychic Intuition

As if life is not confusing enough!

You want to take the advice of someone who can provide a clear answer to those big questions about what the future holds for you. You’ve been feeling a little nervous about taking this step!

But what do you find? There’s a psychic who offers psychic reading, Tarot card reading, Angel card reading, a clairvoyant, a medium, an intuitive…

You’re thinking, “Aren’t these all the same really?” But if they’re not – which they aren’t – then what’s the difference, and which one will be right for you?

An intuitive response to you and your circumstances

The difference is in how the information is received and the way the insight is interpreted – specific to answering your question.

Psychic reading aims to directly ‘tune in’ to your ‘energy’ and gain a diagnostic ‘snapshot’ of who you are and how you see yourself at the time of asking your question. Importantly, the messages from a psychic are an intuitive response to you and the circumstances surrounding the content of your question. They signpost potential ways of thinking and acting that – if carried out – may help bring a desired direction, moving forward.

A clairvoyant also obtains visual information – but instead – by tuning into another energy source, such as an angel, spirit guide or someone who has passed on. A snapshot and related information can be drawn from ‘energy’ that is stored in photographs or objects.

A medium is a psychic with an ability to communicate with the spirits of the departed.

Ok, so far so good – or sofa so good here at Psychic Boudoir… but what about Tarot card reading or Angel card reading? How do these actually work?

Tarot Card reading Vs Angel card reading

A psychic will use a Tarot card reading as a ‘divination’ tool. This means interpreting the images and symbols contained on the cards, and offering an answer to the specific question you ask at the time of the reading.

A clairvoyant uses an Angel card reading by tuning into ‘ethereal’, otherworld energies. Information is conveyed in the form of ‘spiritual’ advice, providing guidance and insight in accordance with the ‘divine’ laws aimed at providing protection.

Angel card messages offer encouragement and a positive affirmation in dealing with the particular challenges presented by the question. The interaction of your energies and the response of the ‘angels’ to your questions are channelled through the interpretation of the cards by the clairvoyant.

Here’s the thing… whether using a Tarot card reading or Angel card reading, your questions may be answered by interpretation of the cards and intuition.

Now here’s the confusing bit… traditionally some Tarot card or Angel card readers only interpret the symbolic meaning of the cards while others only use intuition! But as we shall see, Tarot card or Angel card reading online opens up a heightened space for combined energies and intuition to perform a mind meld that Star Trek’s Mr Spock would find “fascinating” to explore!

It’s also important to be aware of the four ways in which you can receive intuitive information:

  • Clairvoyance – visually
  • Clairaudience – hearing
  • Clairsentience – sensing
  • Claircognisance – knowing

So how does this all work online?

Clairsentience is often central to a reading

A gifted and experienced reader will ‘sense’ particular characteristics and individual energies, which helps to frame answers via the information received for interpreting symbols, images or the spirit guides. It’s no coincidence that Clairsentience is often central to a reading, whether using Tarot cards or Angel cards.

If anything, the world of online psychic reading is probably the most exacting of methods. For it is here that the various seeds of possibility must be seen to come together and be shaped into a directly meaningful message.

It’s another reason why the framing of the questions is so important. They form a necessary psychic receptacle, within which, the answers may be channelled and interpreted into relevant advice for a new pattern of thinking or behaviour.

Here we arrive at the nub of issue – and where there is still much confusion! Psychic readers are nothing like the seers or soothsayers of ancient times who claimed to predict the outcome of battles, marriage alliances, and whether the coming harvest would be bountiful or fail. Psychics do not make predictions, joyous, ominous or otherwise!

Divine answers are in response to real questions… about you, your life, whether it’s about love, family or career. What is it that’s holding you back from having a fulfilling relationship? Perhaps you’re not happy in your current job, and unsure what else you’re good at doing?

There are 78 cards of the Tarot, comprising 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana cards. The 36 to a hundred or more Angel cards are focused on the six realms of reflection, partnership, integration, alignment, rejuvenation, and nourishment.

They are all finely tuned optics designed for revealing the half-hidden patterns of your life path – so not really for asking about winning the national lottery next week or the likelihood of ever becoming famous!

Clairvoyance is not Claire’s Accessories!

No confusion!

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