Woman breaking chains

Chain Reaction! Why It’s Time To Break Free!

The Devil is said to have the best tunes!

It’s hardly surprising that to get what we want, us mere mortals will sometimes make a pact with the devil – whether we realise we have or not. Until the bonds that bind us start to chafe.

When the Devil makes an appearance at a tarot card reading, you may feel you’re in for a roasting. But look carefully and listen closely to your psychic, the Devil is in the detail…

The twin-horned one is not to be feared, despite getting a bad press for thousands of years. In fact early biblical references show that the word used for devil or satan can be used as a noun or a verb. While the verb usually refers to “bearing a grudge” or to “cherish animosity”, the noun is usually translated as an “opponent” or “adversary”, whether human or in spirit form.

Either way, you should also be pleased to meet him because of “what’s puzzling you, is the nature of his game…!”

A growing sense of feeling trapped

The tarot card depicts the Devil aloft on a stylised altar, and as a result, is only aware of “half the story” and unable to make an informed decision. His half of the story often refers to the material world – in the form of money, power and the physical pleasures – and a growing sense of feeling trapped within a lifepath from which there appears to be no escape.

Your psychic reader will examine where the Devil appears in the spread and its surrounding cards for information on the type of trap involved. Hidden beneath feelings of restraint are often the keys to personal freedom. The answer to a nagging question that keeps you tied up in mental knots. Stops you making the changes needed to move forward in your life. If the Devil card appears in reverse, the information contained in the spirit energy may involve a message about imminent freedom from restraint or breaking of a restrictive cycle.

The card may also simply be interpreted as an early warning to avoid making that pact to get what you think you want – the devil really is in the detail…

Inner “adversary” demanding a change to be made

And that detail may also be buried in the past. A pact made when you were growing up – directly or subliminally – to conform to an expected way of behaving or to adopt a certain lifepath. Perhaps, there was an instinctive reaction to an existing situation or person, in which the pact involved a determination to be or to live in exactly the opposite way.

The original pact, as expressed in the face still shown to the outer world, tightens up in defiance of an inner “adversary” demanding a change to be made. Anger and resentment may erupt, alternating with periods of depression. A turning point in life can often depend on inner growth, which breaks the repressive pact and allows the authentic whole person to emerge.

But what if a “Devil” appears in a relationship? The picking of a partner that seems to immediately exert a powerful, perhaps even a slightly scary hold over nearly every waking thought and action. Even though what they say, do or appear to represent seems contrary to how you have always viewed yourself and the world around you. Maybe it’s a devil that had developed over time with a loved one, whether a partner or a family member. What is real and what is a “subconscious” reaction? Is the “devil” outside or inside?

Still bound to a pact you made with yourself

When a “Devil” calls, you should know that you are being asked to catch up with yourself. To look to see if you’re still bound to a pact you made that prevents you from understanding what you have become and who you really are now.

Look more closely at the Devil card, your psychic might advise. Do you see the chains around the partners’ necks are actually loose? The message conveyed in the image you may need to know right now, is that the choices – conscious or subconscious – which were made in the past should not have to keep you enslaved today.

Breaking the pact begins with letting go of chains forged in the imagination of your former self. The ties that bind can be left behind. Free to begin again with partner, family or friend.

No longer is there a “Devil in Disguise”. The more you get to know this card – and your questions answered – the more you will grow to have “sympathy for the devil…”

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