Clairsentience and Tarot Card Reading

Clairsentience and Tarot Card Reading

No, it’s not one of Claire’s Accessories!

So, what exactly is Clairsentience, then?

And does every psychic possess the extra super-sensitive ability to be empathic – to understand and share the feelings of another? Or do they simply rely on interpreting the tarot cards?

It’s a question often asked, especially by those growing concerned about a present situation and what the future is likely to bring. When each card is turned and their meaning revealed you will soon know whether a spirit energy is “speaking” to you.

They offer valuable ‘gems’ – not trinkets off the shelf!

The power of psychic empathy

Clairsentience directly translates from the French as “clear feeling” – distinct from Clairvoyance (clear seeing) or Clairaudience (clear hearing) – and is the ability to directly sense the emotions and feelings of people whether they are present or at a distance. A clairsentient psychic can also tune in to past and future emotions.

A “clear feeling” is not a naive or simplistic term for a “shrewd hunch” or canny guesswork. The extra sensitive ability to actually experience another person’s feelings is often described as the power of psychic empathy. A reaction may also be felt as tingles or tremors in the physical body. Past emotions or a sense of place can also be picked up when holding an object belonging to that person. Yes, these can be useful accessories!

Spirit energy is felt to exist in a non-physical dimension

So how does clairsentience work with a tarot card reading? Accessing and connecting with “another’s energy” may be described as “sensing” their spirit. An invisible body form that exists as the first or most accessible presence in a psychic field or aura of living energy.

Sometimes described as “etheric” bodies, the spirit energy is felt to exist in a non-physical dimension, where universal knowledge exists outside of linear time and space. Their intersection with the physical body / material world may be made apparent via a symbolic transformation – as revealed in a depicted tarot card spread.

Intersection where energy materialises through real world activity

A clairsentient psychic will be intuitively “empathic” and therefore, sensitive to feeling the etheric body energies. The formal interpretation of each of the images and symbols are individually conveyed as well as modified by their specific position to each other. The appearance and spread of every card in that unique arrangement for a moment in time is an “answer” in response to a particular question – at that precise intersection between invisible energy potential and a perceived material reality.

So are you just passively watching a psychic dealing out the possibilities set out by your particular tarot card reading and the etheric spirit energy? No, you’re not simply an accessory! Your own spirit is also being called upon to come into play. Symbols transformed into insight require your understanding and affirmative action. Your question may be answered and a future reimagined at the intersection where energy materialises through real world activity.

Enable answers to questions emerge and refocus tangled thoughts

The power of Clairsentience should not necessarily be thought of as communicating with “the spirits” but instead, and more accurately, a reaching out and drawing-in of information from a universal energy source that may connect between spirit and matter. The finely tuned intuition and enhanced sensitivity of a Clairsentient psychic can enable answers to questions emerge and a refocusing of tangled thoughts. The power is within. Empowerment is the goal.

Your psychic will “feel” the issues that are causing you the most concern and help clarify those needing to be confronted. An external situation or person troubling you in the present may be the outcome of an incident or behaviour response involving you in the past. Perhaps your psychic will pick up on disturbing energies unknowingly “projected” at home or at work.

Their power to experience your issues and emotions are key to an effective tarot reading where transformative action may be suggested.

No mere “accessory” – but a clear insight into potential life-changing decisions!

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