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Create a new Destiny and Embrace the Change!

“Everything happens for a reason”. We’ve all heard those words of reassurance – perhaps by a psychic at a tarot card reading! They’re instantly comforting at times when events occur that defy a ready explanation. It’s sometimes used to help cope with difficult situations, for example, a relationship problem or a financial crisis.

It may all depend on whether you think of yourself as mostly destiny’s child (OK, you’re not Beyoncé but you may feel fated to keep paying out those bills, bills, bills…) or do you believe more in your own free will? Either way, things can happen that make you feel like it’s so crazy right now…

Fate or Free Will?

That question again! But why does it have to be so rigidly one or the other? We know that life is not neatly packaged up like that. On the one hand, you were not born to unquestioningly follow a path already foretold, but at the same time, the idea that all your actions can be governed by an act of free will is also largely an illusion. The answer lies somewhere, confusingly, in-between.

That’s the problem isn’t it… working out what to do for the best when things happen in life that seem outside of your control. But they also feel, somehow, to be your destiny. So, where is the middle way – does it even exist for you?

Two sides of the same coin

The first thing to realise is that free will and destiny are often two sides of the same coin and may not be so easily separated from each other. Your “fate” can be the outcome of past decisions taken or not taken in response to questions posed by life’s challenges or lessons at the time.


Did you know… the ancient Roman god of beginnings, endings and transition named Janus, is usually depicted as having two faces, since he looks to the future and to the past.


It’s of course, crucially important to distinguish between a ‘chance’ coming together of a person with another person or situation at a particular time and place. It can often be interpreted that the more unlikely it was for the event to have taken place, the more “fated” it must have been.

The interpretation in a psychic reading of the tarot cards is a perfect example of understanding how free will and destiny can be connected. From a pattern of feelings, thought and action taken in your past, which brought you to where you are today, and what may be possible to bring into reality in the future.

Communication channel for creating possible futures

A psychic cannot say what the outcome will definitely be as a result of your decision to act upon the information signposted in a spread of cards. But they may advise on the possible consequences of the various actions you may choose to make – or as a result of taking no action at all!

Psychics do not “predict” the future but act as a communication channel for creating possible futures.

Will a Tarot reading come true or not?

…is not the question you should be asking! It’s often mistakenly assumed that an interpretation of the cards is a fixed prediction – a “prophecy” – that will come true. In the real world, there is no cast-iron certainty when we look to a future that is yet to arrive.

A Tarot reading can only provide an indication of possible future outcomes, but you’re not bound to follow the directions signs! You still have free will to act or not act in a bid to affect change in your present circumstances. If you want to of course! And if you’re prepared to embrace change – whatever the future actually brings!


Fascinating fact… the song “Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)” sung by actress, Doris Day in the 1956 Alfred Hitchcock film ‘The Man Who Knew Too Much’ originated in the 16th century as a ‘motto’ or inscription found at the base of an English Coat of Arms.


A Tarot reading prompts a number of suggested scenarios based upon your present situation, which draws upon your possible hopes, desires (and fears) at the time of the reading. Ultimately, the future is unknown but remains fluid.

It’s how you choose to respond

When you are aware of what is possible you can choose to make plans and create the future you want rather than simply avoid the uncertainty of change. If you don’t like what you see, you should nevertheless look to make changes to help bring about the outcome you desire.

The takeaway here is not that everything happens for a reason… it’s how you choose to respond and use your act of free will to move forward in your life.

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