Psychics Prefer To Be Called Intuitives

Why Modern Psychics Prefer To Be Called Intuitives

Psychic or  Intuitive?

Why – you may be asking – would someone who practices psychic reading or tarot reading online call themselves an Intuitive? Sounds too ordinary and everyday! A bit counter-intuitive!

Where’s the mystery, sensing the spirit world, feeling the power of psychic energy?

Seeking answers from a different place

After all, that’s why you came here in the first place! In search of answers from a different perspective – beyond the earthly and material. To tap into a source of eternal wisdom embedded in the universal psyche – as revealed through the images and symbols of the tarot cards.

But here’s the thing… would you want to speak with someone who calls themselves a seer or a “soothsayer” – a person who says sooth – an Old English term for “truth” or “reality” used from the 14th to the 17th century. Behind the times, no?

Animal sacrifices were made to please the Oracle

And how relevant to your experience, living today in the modern world is an “oracle”, “prophetess” or “fortune-teller”- all words used down through the centuries to describe an individual with special powers to “divine” the future.

The word “Oracle” – from the Latin “to speak” – dates back to the second millennium BC through to the “Delphic Oracle” of Ancient Greece, where animal sacrifices were also made to please the Oracle in a bid to ensure their questions would be answered!

What comes to mind when you see or hear the word “fortune-teller”? It was first used in the late 16th century but considered today as little more than a term used to describe contrived ‘end-of-the pier’ entertainment. But more importantly, why is “Intuitive” becoming a favoured tag for those possessing traditional psychic abilities?

A more “reasoned” and nuanced approach

A seismic shift is being observed in the way a psychic would want their work to be understood and communicated in the modern era of the internet and digital technology. Not least in their interaction with enquirers who are likely to no longer accept many of the traditional claims made by psychics from a previous age.

Conscious anxieties linked to an awareness of underlying concerns and deeper issues have broadened too. A “typical” question concerning “love, money or career” is usually the first step in an enquirer’s approach to navigating through a torturous path of unresolved issues that may twist and turn all the way back to childhood.

A psychic is not only “intuitive” in knowing that they are being called upon to answer a specific question – one that may open up a restless undertow of conflicted thoughts and emotions. They are also equally gifted to work with the Tarot or another preferred medium, such as Angel cards or the Runes, by which to channel the “intuitive” spirit energy, and offer a more “reasoned” and nuanced approach.

The messages drawn from the tarot today are increasingly expected to conform in context to the practical way  we process thoughts, feelings and experience in the Information Age. We also live in the age of Self-Empowerment.

Age of Self-Empowerment

Where once, psychics were sought for their “special powers” – a gift from the gods – today psychics claim that we can all tap into neglected inner powers. Unused, dormant skills can be awoken and trained to harness our own capacity to immerse in otherworld, spirit energy. “Psychic” abilities are increasingly seen as inherently natural and normal, and are receiving a modern makeover to be categorised as Intuitive or Empathic. Updating to the 21st century!

By removing the more discredited aspects of psychic practice, which has increasingly tainted the perception and understanding of latent psychic ability, the enduring power of universal energy spirit in the modern era can be positively reaffirmed.

Whether psychic or intuitive, oracle or empathic… the aim throughout much of human history is to help enquirers to find the answers and the healing they need. Empowered once again to move their lives forward to the future they seek for themselves or their loved ones.

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