Sun Upside Down

Turning A Negative Reading Into A Positive One

The card is reversed! Nooo…!

Don’t panic, your psychic may simply ignore and focus on the essential message, no matter which way round a tarot card appears.

Erm – what are we talking about?

We’re talking about when one or more cards sometimes appear “upside down” after the deck is shuffled at the start of a tarot reading. If your psychic leaves the card reversed, it’s likely they prefer to adopt a more literal interpretation, i.e. the meaning of the card is simply “reversed”.

That all looks great if a potentially “negative” card, say “The Devil” or “Death” is in reverse. But supposing it’s a traditionally “positive” card”, such as “The Star” – indicating good luck may be coming – or “The Ace of Cups”, linked with true love and marriage – is “the wrong way round”? Boo hoo! You so wanted to get positive cards… you really needed to feel that something gooood was going to happen…

Well, perhaps it is!

“How so?”

Knee-jerk response just because a certain image looks ominous!

Thing is, there is no “right” or “wrong” way to read the tarot. It is not the image or symbol in itself that defines whether the card is “good” or “bad” – it is how the image is perceived. An interpretation is given because it feels intuitively right in answer to a specific question at that moment.

A first reaction can sometimes be a knee-jerk response – just because a certain image like “The Tower” (sudden, unforeseen change) looks ominous! Or “Death” – which actually refers to change, transformation, transition – the ending of a current phase in life, not life itself!

A card facing the correct way can indicate that its essential energy is unrestricted. A reversed card may signify that its energy is blocked or losing power, or otherwise, not being given full expression.

Digging deeper into the more subtle layers of meaning

It’s important to remember that it’s how the energy in the symbolic spirit of the cards is interpreted by the psychic and how you understand the inner message. Only by looking beyond that understandably natural first reaction, and digging deeper into the more subtle layers of meaning can a connection be made, and a valuable insight more likely to be revealed.

When the psychic turns a card and it’s upside down – let go of your expectation – assume nothing! Instead, focus on the “bigger picture” and try to turn a challenge into an opportunity. This is not simply jolly old motivational-speak! It’s the way that the tarot can synthesise spiritual energy for change and transformation …

Make the cards work for you rather than feel they’re stacked against you

The process involved in any tarot card reading – including when it’s tarot online – is to make the cards work for you rather than feel that a reading is stacked against you. It should also be borne in mind that there can also be a downside to a “positive” card image, such as the Sun…

“Yay”, you say as you see the symbol for energy and vitality – we all need some of that to get through the working week – but the Sun can also mean enlightenment. But without any follow-up action, you’re unlikely to tap into the potential for a renewal of energy and vitality!

Your chosen psychic may, instead, simply downplay the significance of a reversed card and choose to rely less on the more traditional interpretations. The focus remains only on the significance of each card and the specific message they individually reveal, regardless of which way up it landed on the table!

Reversed cards can often be seen as “highlighters”

Alternatively, reversed cards could be interpreted as part of a bigger picture by their relationship to the other cards in the spread. Instead of simply denoting the opposite of their meaning, they can often be seen as “highlighters”. They draw attention to situations in which current routines or courses of action may lead to unexpected or undesirable consequences.

But what if the message of the reversed cards does not seem to tally with the reality of your situation? Here, the reversing of the card may just mean imposing your own limitation and minimising thoughts or actions linked to its essential energy, which may help with improving a current situation.

So making a negative out of a positive to ultimately make a positive! In fact, the “reverse” of simply making a positive out of a negative.

Like electrical polarity or the Chinese Yin and Yang… psychic energy flowing between different interconnected singularities. Perhaps like your smartphone battery, which may need to be frequently charged to stay connected!

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