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How to Get the Answers You Need!

Are you ready for your psychic reading? The tarot cards may say “no”!

Well, not quite… the psychic process does not operate like a computer. However, if you’re not really ready, and truly open and receptive, the answers may not be so clear or as precise as you hoped. You may have heard about “cold readings” – when the answers feel lukewarm, detached, and missing the mark by a mile!

So what’s going on, you may ask. Have you made a mistake and picked the wrong psychic? That’s always possible, of course, but the plain truth is that a tarot card reading requires something from you first. It’s not always realised that a session with a psychic is more likely to succeed if you are prepared!

Your presence is the focal point

A good psychic is natural endowed with a highly developed intuition and rare sensitivity capable of tuning into the energies you bring to a reading. The energies of the tarot may be said to resonate in alignment, which produces a specific positioning of cards in a spread. Ultimately, your presence is the focal point! For the information and insight to be relevant, you can help by preparing yourself prior to the reading.

Why exactly do you need to prepare, is the obvious next question! You may think that you simply choose a psychic, make contact and ask your questions. You then sit back, keep quiet and await for your “fate” to be revealed at the turn of each card.

Not quite! A true psychic reading is dependent on inter-communication. The ability to tune into channels of unconscious energy, which may allow specific information to be drawn, and future possibilities for personal thought and action to also be suggested.

Prepare for a more personalised and meaningful guidance

Without preparation it’s likely that the interpretation of the cards will appear vague and disconnected to you and your circumstances. You need to allow your inner self to connect and the source of creative potential activated.

And just in case you’re wondering… in the digital age of online readings and the physical absence of the enquirer, a psychic is presented with possibly the purest form of spiritualised connectivity. So even more reason to prepare for receiving a more personalised and meaningful guidance you are anxious to obtain in response to your questions.

Being anxious, nervous or fearful is understandable but really not the best frame of mind to bring to a session! Nor compensating by being overly wary, defensive or dismissive. What do all these characteristics have in common? Not being relaxed! Once again, perfectly understandable – but here’s where preparation comes in!

Bring your unconscious mind into a state of readiness

Preparing yourself always begins by attending to the space around you. To relax you need to be comfortable and all potential distractions removed. You definitely need to organise your psychic reading when no one else is around! Windows and doors should be closed to block outside noise and, if possible, the lighting lowered.

The key is to bring your unconscious mind into a state of readiness. To sense its invisible and ultimately, directly unknowable presence. An awareness that the intangible lines of communication are opened to allow spiritualised energy to flow. In this way, specific information can be more readily divined by psychic alignment with the tarot energies. Perhaps, a few minutes of meditation can help to “clear the conscious mind” – or by simply sitting still!

Provide all the relevant facts relating to your questions

Think of your reading as a journey where there is no interruption to the direction of travel. It can be all too easy for your thought processes to runaway with itself or become side-tracked, which can lead to more confusion. An important part of preparation, therefore, is to write down beforehand, the important issues or areas of your life that you want to explore. It’s always best to deal with all the practicalities and present your questions to the psychic at the very start to help signpost the journey.

Your engagement with the process can be called upon or you may want to intervene if you feel that the guidance being offered is straying from the areas you want to explore. It’s vital that you provide all the relevant facts relating to your questions, which can help obtain a more personalised response in the interpretation.

Note down the advice offered

Above all, for your reading to really be of benefit to you in the longer term, its crucial for you to note down the advice offered. You may also need to go over in your mind the key information received so you fully understand what was said, what it means and how it relates to the questions asked.

That’s why another important part of your preparation – in addition to relaxing to allow the unconscious mind to surface – is to have a pen and paper to hand!

A handy back up when the computer says “no”.

Essential reminder after the reading is long over!

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