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Letting Your Autumn Leaves Go!

The nights are fast drawing in now.

Autumn leaves curling, paper thin, yet quietly clinging to empty branches. The fallen ones languish in a rain soaked kerb.

Our eyes may wonder still at the fading glow of burnished bronze, flecked in acid yellows, tangerine and flickering cherry reds. But our gaze will likely next turn inwards as we know winter soon comes.

Yep – ‘tis often the season for starting to reflect on the passing of time, and pondering, “what have we done, another year over…”. The Winter Blues is actually a thing – the reduced light levels being associated with SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder.

It would be hardly a surprise to learn that the autumn months can often signal an increase in visits to psychic readings and tarot card readings online.

Definitely favourable for engaging with otherworld forces

It’s not necessarily because of the imminent arrival of Halloween – or All Hallows Eve – when traditionally, the imperceptible barrier between our visible, material world and the spirit realm are said to dissolve. The seasonal landscape can be definitely favourable for engaging with otherworld forces while focusing inwards to connect with latent hidden energies.

Did you know that some psychics have long believed that tarot cards are linked with the seasons, and the timing of a potential outcome may be suggested by a reading. The specific cards associated with autumn, for example, may provide even greater insight into the time for starting a required action or when a desired outcome may begin to take shape.

It doesn’t mean that just because autumn leaves are falling and winter is approaching that the underlying energies should be read in a literal manner. A modern psychic is likely to take a more symbolic approach, preferring to make intuitive connections between a suit of cards, and relate their abstract qualities to a specific season for greater clarity.

So what cards are involved with individual seasons and how does it work?

Intended to highlight the temporary influence of an energy

The cards are all from the four different suits within the Minor Arcana – a total of 56 – which are concerned with daily experience. Specifically, each of the Minor Arcana cards are intended to highlight the temporary influence of an energy, which is current in your life – right at this moment!  Their influences can be more readily identified and also offer action needed to be taken for changing a current situation.

In summary, the four suits within the Minor Arcana and the areas they represent, are:

Wands – energy, motivation and passion associated with life purpose, spirituality and new ideas.

Cups – feelings, emotions, intuition and creativity involving the relationship with yourself and others.

Pentacles – finances, work and material possessions relating to career and financial wealth.

Swords – thoughts, words and actions linked to communicating ideas, decision-making and asserting power.

Aligned with the four seasons and their corresponding “elements”

Each of the suits may also be aligned with the four seasons and their corresponding “elements” although different psychics may arrange the systems in their own way.

For example…

Wands – Spring and Fire
Cups – Summer and Water
Pentacles – Autumn and Earth
Swords – Winter and Air

Another possible interpretation is…

Swords – Spring and Air
Wands – Summer and Fire
Cups – Autumn and Water
Pentacles – Winter and Earth

A further slight variation…

Swords – Spring
Cups – Summer
Wands – Autumn
Pentacles – Winter

And another:

Pentacles – Spring
Cups – Summer
Wands – Autumn
Swords – Winter

Shaping the passing moment through tarot card information

It should be noted that the relationship of each of the four suits with the seasons is a refinement of interpretation. It’s importance lies in harnessing the related symbolic – and sometimes, literal associations – to better understand the elemental forces at play, as expressed through the Minor Arcana.

The changing seasonal landscape, and the association with internal feelings and states of mind, may be pivotal in shaping the passing moment for spirit energy to be identified through tarot card information. Whatever symbols are suggested as being in alignment with the autumn energies, their particular area of influence will likely correspond to the elemental quality of practical thought and action needed.

Letting your autumn leaves go allows winter’s inner transformation to take place. It may be the start of a personal season of spring renewal…

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