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Your Lightbulb Moment – how psychic readings solve problems

“How many psychics does it take to change a lightbulb?”

Nooo! the question ought to be…

“How many psychics does it take to have a lightbulb moment?”

or maybe…

“How many lightbulb moments does it take to change a lifepath?”

Both a reading of a current issue and a possible response 

Here’s the thing… every psychic possesses their own unique ability when using one or more chosen methods of divination.

Together, with a heightened sensitivity to your inner energies, psychics will focus on channelling a Tarot reading that could be the most appropriate for you and your situation at the time of asking your question.

Ask the same psychic the same question the next day and you might receive a different interpretation. “Why should the answer be different”, you ask, “if nothing has actually changed in your life in the last 24 hours?”

Even if you asked the same question one second after the first reading, the moment is different, and the possibilities may also be in a state of change. Even if the cards are very different – there are some 78 in a standard Tarot pack, after all – the interpretation may have subtly shifted or indeed, is also very different.

It’s just like the scenarios in a dream sequence, where each appears to present both a reading of a current issue you may be experiencing in your life, and a possible response as the sequence unfolds. Sometimes this happens in the same night or over consecutive nights, or if there’s gaps – maybe it’s because you can’t remember one particular night’s dream!

The answer to a problem is knowing the right question to ask

The capacity for truly understanding what the answer is to a problem is knowing the right question to ask. Making some kind of sense of what happens to us in our lives – no matter how painful or seemingly unjust – is all about asking questions that make sense! And sense, by definition, should be about how to find real, practical solutions to what always seems like impossible problems.

The real work of making a positive change in your life starts with asking what you should be working on within yourself. Your psychic still acts as a “medium”, through which, your inner energy may resonate with meaning drawn from the cards.

The aim is to help you identify issues you can work on every day that will make you feel more confident in your ability to make the change you need and actually solve the problem that’s keeping you in the dark, and holding you back.

Questions like “will I meet my marriage partner in the next 6 months?” or “will I ever be rich?” will not provide the real answers you need to set the energies of inner change in motion.

Understanding the circumstances strongly indicates a common theme

Problem-solving is not an exact science. In the world of mathematics, a different equation can be arrived at by a different route or by slightly changing the factors involved. Each mathematician might try to solve the same problem by a slightly different way of looking at the different component parts to gain a fresh understanding of how they can be applied.

Not even science is an exact science! Nearly a century ago, it was discovered that it was not possible to measure the movement and position of a sub-atomic particle at the same time.

Every psychic you engage with is likely to answer the same question that you ask with a slightly different approach, according to the way they understand how the factors are presented, at the moment in time that you ask them.

But whether you are presented with similar cards or very different cards, a definite understanding of the circumstances that prompted your question can emerge, which strongly indicates a common theme during the various different readings.

It could be a lightbulb moment!

Because, crucially, your own inner creative energy will make the connection.

Cards can act as lightning conductors of hidden potential. Channelled through the ‘transformers’ of a psychics interpretation, they can help you illuminate the possible pathways out of your present dark predicament.

So the question… how many lightbulb moments does it take to change a lifepath?


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