Psychic Energy

Life Transforms With a Summer Tarot Reading!

Scorchio..!  Summer in the City and it’s Hotter Than Hell!

The Heat Is On… and there is a cure for the Summertime Blues!

Psychic energies can be recharged. The inner fire, ignited by hidden forces, which radiate from an authentic centre of unknowable consciousness.

Sure, but what does that mean? Summertime, and the livin’ isn’t so easy – we hear you say!

“Energy is always in a state of motion”

If you’re asking “Will a tarot card reading work for me? and “How can a psychic really know the answers to my questions?”, then it’s time to tap into the energy of ‘Perpetual Change’. It’s the central core of the sun, the earth and human existence.

The law of Perpetual Change states that “energy is always in a state of motion” and “constantly flows between different states of intangible and physical form.”

Energy exists within ourselves and throughout our external environment, resonating with information that we can learn to access and decode. We need to be made aware of its presence to be able to tap in and extract a meaning relevant to our situation. We also need to ask the right questions for the information energy to flow.

Change is a universal condition of organic life

So where do the tarot cards come into this, you ask. Change is a universal condition of organic life. The questions we ask of ourselves, of others, our experiences and circumstances are often in response to the issue of change. External conditions or feelings within will soon flag up that a change “is in the air” or needs to take place.

In many tarot sessions, the question a psychic is really being asked is not whether a new career or suitable partner is actually predicted in the cards, but about seeking confirmation in making a change to an existing situation. We may feel we have the ability to affect change and try to create whatever plans we have in mind. But will we succeed? What if it all goes horribly wrong? Will I be able to cope? I need a sign to give me hope – to get me started!

Sometimes we hope to remain within our comfort zone

Of the 78 cards in the Tarot deck, 21 cards belong to the most important and powerful Major Arcana (Arcana means “secrets” or “mysteries”) and 7 cards are concerned with the “transformation” you need to undergo. It’s how we respond to the questions we ask of ourselves that will determine the outcome of many situations we face in life. Sometimes we resist change and hope to remain within our comfort zone. As time goes on, it becomes clear that your comfort zone is not so comfortable anymore! Or suddenly natural change takes its course and you’re thrown into turmoil. Either way, what are you to do?

The “Law of Action” is the invariable answer – unless the tarot suggests to wait until you are ready or the time is right. The heat will continue to build as Action activates Energy into Motion – a vital step in the process. Fail to act and the moment is lost, energy drained. There is no moving forward or hoped-for outcomes transforming your daily reality.

The outward signs you seek feel warm to the touch

There’s no going back to your comfort zone either!  Those “what if” questions will just keep chipping away at the cornerstone of your confidence and wellbeing. Will you return to simply building mental sand castles under a happy sun face and non-existent clear blue skies?

The outward signs you seek are sure to feel warm to the touch as the real summer sun beats out nature’s enduring message of energy transformation. It’s a heatwave of psychic information connecting with your inner solar life.

Each tarot card resonates with a powerful otherworld force that seeks to address your inner power to action. Your psychic will explain the information that shines through the images and symbols your energy has called upon to be revealed.

There may not be a better moment in the summertime… when the weather is hot…
you can stretch right up and touch the sky…

The song may remain the same but transformation is  within your reach!

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