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A Psychic On Your Smartphone?

How spiritual are you?

If you think “well I must be a bit spiritual because I’m here reading this, aren’t I?” – then you’re not alone!

Out of more than 1 in 3 (35 per cent) of UK men and women surveyed who said they were spiritual, over a quarter (27 per cent) thought they were “fairly” spiritual while nearly 1 in 10 (8 per cent) claimed to be “totally” spiritual, according to a recent You.Gov poll.

You may not be that surprised to also hear that 35 per cent of women considered themselves fairly spiritual compared to 18 per cent of men – that’s nearly twice as many!

So, what about the others? Those who say they are not spiritual. You know the ones – the type who raise an eyebrow or give a slightly quizzical look if you happen to mention you’re going online to speak with a psychic and have your tarot cards read.

“Really?” they cry, “in this day and age – the age of science and technology, Google and Facebook?”

Psychic reading is thriving more than ever before

The reality is of course, that psychic reading and the art of clairvoyancy is thriving more than ever before because of technology. It’s estimated that the psychic service industry has grown at an annual rate of 2 per cent, thanks largely to the internet, and the ability to access a psychic and obtain an instant online tarot reading in your own living room.

Not everyone has the support at home with whom they feel confident to share their problems and innermost anxieties. You fear that you might just be embarrassed and end up feeling worse! And there are things that you would not even tell your best friend!

Throughout all of recorded history, humans have, instead, felt compelled to call upon the advice of those endowed with the ‘divine’ gifts of sensitivity, empathy and ‘spiritual’ insight before taking a potentially life-changing decision.

The words really start to make sense to you now

Today, in the age of broadband and smartphone, many ordinary mortals still need a psychic to interpret the signs, and give meaning to words and actions, which can help with solving life’s problems, big and small!

It’s because of technology that you no longer have to travel miles to seek the advice of a psychic. Most important of all – you simply don’t have to live with struggling to work out the answers to those constantly nagging questions. It wears you down – it’s just too exhausting!

You just go online, pick up the phone and ask your questions. Something inside is awoken – a portal to a forever hidden but powerful world. When the words really start to make sense to you, it feels like another piece of the jigsaw in your life is allowed to fall into place. So easy, and such a relief to find out that maybe, just maybe, things are not so bad after all – and you can do something about it!

Greater impact on helping to deal with your problems

There’s more good news too! It’s the one about scepticism – a very old chestnut indeed! Can you trust a telephone reading? It’s bound to be the first question you might ask yourself at a time when we’re told that ‘fake news’ is apparently everywhere. The simple fact is that a telephone reading reduces the risk of receiving a fake or ‘cold’ reading.

In the past, when meeting face to face, a psychic imposter would often rely upon reading the subtle clues unconsciously revealed by body language. Plus, there was the supporting information from appearance, age and the verbal responses during the session.

A telephone reading sets a very high bar indeed. Without visual support, the psychic can only use information provided over the telephone. You also have complete control of the conversation and length of the session. It also means that advice or guidance offered can make an even greater impact on helping to deal with your problems and issues.

Connecting with a psychic on your smartphone may define being spiritual in the age of technology – but would you trust a driverless car?

Now it’s your turn to raise an eyebrow!

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