Seeking Answers From a Different Place - a Medium Speaking With Spirits or a Psychic Reading The Tarot

Seeking Answers From a Different Place

“Is there anybody there?”

Those immortal words uttered by a medium! The calling upon “spirits of the departed” to deliver their urgent message to a loved one in the room. But not necessarily by a psychic!

There is a huge difference between the “spirits” that inhabit the medium’s world and the energies that a psychic will tap into when reading the tarot cards.

Many different types of psychic abilities

It’s often assumed that a medium is the same as a psychic. Not necessarily so! Confusingly, there are also many different types of psychic abilities, which also include communicating with the “spirits”. To complicate matters further, a medium can have psychic abilities while a psychic may sometimes call themselves a “psychic” medium.

This is because a “psychic medium” can be thought to be more credible than simply a psychic reader. Throughout recorded history and around the world, belief in the afterlife and the influence of the “ancestors” has often been central to human societies and their culture, most notably the Ancient Egyptians, native American Indians and the Australian aborigines.

An authoritative “greater” voice

Either way, the enduring image closer to home is of a Victorian parlour room séance. Today, this can invariably be the subject of ridicule, and may simply make those who are unaware of the difference between a medium and a psychic reluctant to enquire further. The very people who may feel strongly drawn to seeking answers from a “different place”.

It’s as if they sense their most fearful questions can only be answered by an authoritative “greater” voice “speaking” in wordless symbols. The images can suddenly become clear and make perfect sense when meaning is applied by a psychic to an enquirer’s specific “real life” situation.

The truth is out there!

You may be feeling exactly the same, or perhaps, just curious. But does the thought of contacting the “spirit realm” or the “invisible energies” feel a bit daunting? Scary, even?

Time to put the record straight. The truth is out there – not in the X-Files but in the tarot! So what’s the difference between a psychic and a medium – and why is it important?

Medium Vs Psychic

A medium claims to communicate with specific spirit entities such as, the dead, spirit guides and angels, while a psychic tunes into the spirit energy of the enquirer. There two distinct methods by which a medium can connect with the spirits – through the mind or through a physical manifestation. In the former, the medium can hear words, feel emotions, or simply know telepathically. In the latter – the medium can make spiritual energy appear, which may be heard, felt, or even seen by everyone in attendance.

A psychic is primarily concerned with the spirit residing within the enquirer and the intersection with exterior conditions, which often links the past and present with the future. The method of communication involves a connection made between the psychic, the enquirer, and the spontaneous alignment of the symbols and images of the tarot cards in a particular spread.

Possible future scenarios

Purposeful information and insight may be drawn out, which presents a snapshot about how and why an enquirer experiences and interacts with the world around them. The imagery of the cards appear to reveal to the enquirer the very thoughts, feelings and possible actions that were likely to be causing confusion and uncertainty.

Through several card spreads, a psychic may be able to pinpoint one or more underlying issues which they derive from the enquirer’s latent spirit energy, and offer possible future scenarios. The guidance obtained should be taken as a starting point for individual action to help aim for the changes suggested as predictable futures.

Key to helping unlock the unconscious processes

The counsel of a psychic is almost always focused on using the diagnostic tools of tarot imagery and symbols. Of course, there will be those who feel that they need to consult with the spirit of their lost loved ones, which can be a great source of comfort and healing during the grieving process.

In both cases, the knowledge that someone or something “is there” is key to helping unlock the unconscious processes by which vital information may be revealed and the enquirer’s own spirit activated in a new direction.

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