Tarot Card Reading for 2019

Tarot Card Reading for 2019

New Year begins – and you’re to saying to yourself that you definitely will stick to your resolution this time – adding a “LOL!”

But for those who have decided that 2019 is the year that a change will and must come in their lives, January can be a pivotal moment for a serious psychic reading of your tarot cards

Do you know why the new year starts with the month of January? No, it was not named after ‘Janus’, the two-faced Roman god who looks to the past and to the future. In fact, it was actually named after Juno, a patron goddess deity and guardian protector of ancient Rome and its Empire.

It’s a common misunderstanding. It makes perfect sense that Janus, and his dominion over beginnings and endings would be the perfect symbol for the transition from one year to the next, past to the future – one condition to another. The new year is the traditional time to start with a sense of renewal aimed at practical action.

So, what’s the view ahead for you in 2019?

Gain a valuable ‘snapshot’

An experienced psychic can offer a number of card spreads to help structure the possible scenarios that may come into play as the year unfolds. An issue affecting one or more areas of your life may be long overdue for attention. While it’s been playing on your mind you feel as if you won’t be able to see the changes happen. You need answers first to your questions. To truly believe that you will see the right things appear now in a brand new year.

Readings traditionally requested at this time have a tendency for definitely wanting to see what’s in store for the entire year! It can be a big ask… However, there is a handy tarot card reading consisting of just five cards, which can be used to gain a valuable ‘snapshot’. Your psychic is likely to incorporate the information to be obtained from this method within a layout chosen for you.

In this basic spread, which is simply laid out in a row…

Card One will summarise the energy spirit which was likely underpinning your main concerns in the year just gone.

Card Two will tell you about challenges or obstacles that might await you in the year ahead.

The Third card refers more directly to the indicated energies apparent at the start of a new year – in this case, 2019 – as it begins.

The information gleaned from the Fourth card is happily focused on the “positive” energy arising.

The Fifth and final card aims to show the influences you may expect to experience, as they unfold, in an overview of the entire year.

Helping you to visualise your desired reality

So, a glimpse into how the weeks or months ahead are set to pan out based on present indications. It’s also a way of helping you to visualise your desired reality. Defining what you want to see take shape is determined by clearly identifying issues that are being carried forward.

To recognise how your positive outcomes can be realised is dependent on clarifying where you need to be more willing to work towards your goals.

Each card in the spread can be seen as a catalyst for change in a defined area of your life. Asking a question at the very start of the new year can feel as if you are bringing an added determination and urgency in seeking change and transformation. Timing, however, is always a factor.

It’s not unusual for one or more cards to suggest patience is required while refocusing your inner energies towards really achieving a positive outcome. This may be the case for 2019…

Connect with a new way of thinking and seeing

In order to obtain greater insight for a particular year, one traditional method, which can still be used by psychics, is to add each of the numerals of the year together to arrive at a single digit. Thus, for 2019: 2+0+1+9=12.

Each card of the Major Arcana deck is numbered, and the 12th card is the “Hanged Man”. In a previous blog post, it was discussed how the image refers to an individual’s inability to move on until they have a clear indication of what the future may bring. So, the indications could be to firstly pause, step back and take time to really look at your lifepath from a different perspective.

Your specific tarot cards aim to connect you with a new way of thinking and seeing, by acting as a guide to finding your way forward to desired outcomes. Retaining confidence in the energy spirit is always crucial in the period following a card reading. Perhaps even more so at new year.

Keeping to your resolution is a way to help make a real change happen.

No laughing matter, but a LOL is definitely preferable to FOMO!

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