Tarot Card Time Travel – Three Spreads to Take You Forward

Tarot Card Time Travel – Take You Forward!

Spring blossoms into Summer! Finally!

Colours blaze, bursting into consciousness – the promise of a new beginning.

It’s time to go back to the future – but you won’t need a DeLorean!

Your past, present and future – it’s all here in front of you, in the tarot card spread…

So…what’s the answer to that big question? The one you want to ask your psychic about what will happen tomorrow! It’s sure to depend on what you did today, which maybe was the result of what happened yesterday. When all your troubles were so far away!

Energies arise from within and from without

A psychic reading can give palpable shape to the spiritual energies that are the connective tissue between all your past, present and future lives. There are many different card spreads that can be used for a tarot reading.

The most well-used and easily understood spreads are based upon identifying a current circumstance or thought pattern. Energies which can exert a possible influence, arise from within and from without, in the present and the past. It’s time travel – not in the mind – but very much in the reality of the cards. Not a Tardis in sight!

Psychic energy flowing outside of understood linear, physical time is revealed by glimpses into the past, present and future, transported by the arrangement of images and symbols. The complexity of a spread allows for more detailed information to be received in answering a question, according to the energy of each card and where it appears in the spread.

The Three Card spread…

A basic formation, which is often used to address a more simpler, straightforward question, is laid out in a horizontal line. Reading from left to right, the first card comments on your past, the middle card speaks about the present, and the third card suggests a future outcome.

More specifically, the first card is given the task to reveal any issues that may be influencing the present situation. The second card is intended to help you to pick out and see more clearly, certain aspects of your life at the moment. The third card aims to present a possible future scenario – an outcome based upon action you may take in response to the information interpreted by your psychic.

Straightaway, you can see that far from sitting back and waiting for destiny to land in your living room, you have free will, you are in the driving seat, and may need to put your foot down or apply a handbrake.

One of the more popular spreads, often used at tarot readings is a layout using five cards. The extra information can provide access to how a particular problem can be approached.

The Five Card spread…

Laid out to form a cross, this is different from the Celtic Cross, which uses twice as many cards and is the most well-known of the tarot spreads, which will be discussed next.

To make a five card spread, a fourth card is placed directly above the middle card of the three card spread (still set out in a horizontal line) and a fifth is laid directly beneath the middle card.

Once again, reading left to right, the first card (left of centre) peeks into the past and how it may still be affecting present circumstances. The second card (the centre card) focuses on the present and the third card (right of centre) points to the future.

Now the two extra cards… the card beneath the centre card suggests the reasons that may have led to your current situation. The card above the centre card provides possible future outcomes that may become a reality if a suggested course of thought and action is carried out.

It’s definitely a practical spread! Whereas the 3 card spread simply gives a glimpse into what the future may look like, the 5 card spread starts to provide information on a suggested course of action to follow, which aims to address a present problem presented in the question.

Now we come to the well-known tarot spread…

The Celtic Cross…

Your psychic may decide to use this layout to answer your question!

It has been suggested that the layout of the spread resembles the ancient Celtic Cross, which combines a cross with a circle. The origins of the name have remained unclear since it first appeared in 1910 as “An Ancient Celtic Method of Divination” in a book entitled “The Pictorial Key to the Tarot” by Arthur Edward Waite (2 October 1857 – 19 May 1942). A.E Waite was the co-creator of the widely used Rider-Waite Tarot deck, notable for being one of the first tarot decks to illustrate all 78 cards as well as the 22 major arcana cards.

The Celtic Cross, which uses 10 cards in a circle and line formation, has been adapted by many psychics and can be laid out in many variations. A popular spread – one you may have seen before – develops the 5 card spread mentioned earlier. Two cards are now laid in the centre of the cross while 4 extra cards are set out in a straight vertical line next to the cross formation. The cards are numbered differently too.

As previously, the 6 cards in the cross deal with the “past, present and future”. Not only possible past causes of your present situation plus current obstacles and troubles but also, more urgently, your “immediate” past and future, and a “best possible outcome”. The two cards in the middle aim to go straight to the point – one card presents your situation and the other card identifies the challenge it presents.

The four new cards in a line are set to reveal greater details about you and your circumstances. One card will speak about “who you are right now” and “how you relate to the object of your question.” Another looks at your hopes and fears in regard to the question or in general. A further card brings in family, friends and your surroundings and how they relate to your question. A final card will offer an outcome to your question or how this phase of your life may turn out.

The principle is universal

There are of course, many other card spreads, such as the “Horseshoe” which involves a card which looks at “hidden influences”. But the principle is universal. Spirit energy – shaped by the past and present – impacting your current life path, and offering insight into meaningful thought and action to determine your future.

No need to wistfully ponder “If I could turn back time… if I could find a way…”

It’s in the turn of a card… an image revealed, energy connects.

The journey begins…

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