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Tarot Cards To Light The Way

Light at the end of the tunnel… turning the corner… nearly there…

Most of us are likely to have uttered these instant, handy phrases at one time or another! Affirmative words are often used to help us get through a difficult time or task, perhaps one felt to be never-ending.

A special significance is attached to reaching a “midpoint” in any situation or endeavour. It’s as if we feel we are actually nearer to the completion of an arduous journey or task. As well as feeling a “greater relief” by being “halfway there” it’s also a useful self-help tactic to help us find the extra energy needed to hang on in there!

But why are we talking about this? Because it’s that time of the year again – the Winter Solstice!

Humans have long attributed a powerful meaning

On 21st December, we reach the mid-point in the earth’s journey around the sun. As you may already know, humans have long attached a powerful meaning to the Winter Solstice – the shortest, darkest day of the year – when the Earth’s axis is tilted farthest from the sun.

As far back as the late Stone Age, around 10,200 BC, the Winter Solstice was observed and celebrated by cultures around the world. Stonehenge, for example, is aligned towards sunset at the Winter Solstice, and sunrise at the Summer Solstice on 21st June, the longest day.

So, what’s this got to do with the tarot cards, getting a psychic reading and finding an answer to your problems?

Well – hang on in there!

A tipping point to an ongoing issue in our everyday lives

There may not be a better time for a potent alignment of spirit energy to get that valuable information. While the Winter Solstice marks the start of astronomical winter it is also the precise moment when the earth’s axis will slowly start to tilt back towards the sun, and the hours of daylight increase once more.

The symbolism cannot be clearer! It’s the moment of a “new beginning” – when a “new year” starts at the very “turning point” of the earth’s journey back to the growing light. And a perfect time to tap into the spirit energy, which can harmonise between outer and inner worlds. The Winter Solstice can be seen as a period of culmination in the celestial cycle – and perhaps also, a tipping point in an ongoing issue from our personal life.

Whatever question or questions need to be asked, they are nearly always linked to the desire or need for change. To see a new beginning unfold, whether within oneself, an existing situation, at home, at work, or amongst family or friends.

And what could be more appropriate during the longest hours of darkness than to consult a specific Winter Solstice tarot card spread. One that is tuned to receive an information channel of possibilities. To prepare yourself for the increasing light and transformative action coming to fruition in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Spiritualised journey from the dark into the light

Psychics can use a number of tarot card spreads to answer specific questions at any time. But a typical Winter Solstice layout is definitely set for a spiritualised journey from the dark into the light.

One simple layout involves just four cards, each assigned to provide an answer to a specific question in a two-part process. The intention is to move the enquirer forward from each card to the next in their understanding of how to resolve a revealed issue.

The first set of two cards aims to identify and then help to actively address an issue:

Card ONE asks what part of yourself or life situation would benefit from receiving the specific energy that can be harnessed at this mid-point in the seasonal cycle.

Card TWO goes on to ask what steps you can then take to use this energy within the part of your life that has been identified.

The second set of two cards are concerned with a more inward focus:

Card THREE enquires as to where your opportunities are for learning and integration can be found.

Card FOUR asks how you can nurture and take care of yourself during a period of active reflection.

The task is to understand why each image or symbol has aligned itself to offer specific information about one or more aspects of your life situation. What energy potential have you brought to the reading that intuitively resonates and is revealed by the cards?

Fears and anxieties over letting go self-imposed limits

Letting go to future potential requires leaving behind no-longer useful ways of thinking. To emerge from a long dark night requires actively moving forward towards the growing light. Another tarot card variation that is often found to be relevant at the Winter Solstice involves an eight card spread, that more directly addresses fears and anxieties over letting go self-imposed limits.

Once again, the cards appear in sets of two, where one card seeks to define the basic problem followed by a card which shows what could or should happen if the problem is worked upon:

Set One

Card ONE refers to what you may desire but feel unable or afraid to ever let yourself have.

Card TWO looks at what would happen if you did let yourself have the very thing that you desire.

Set Two

Card THREE then speaks about what needs to be released in order for you to make space in your life for the thing you desire.

Card FOUR points to the lessons you may have learned in the past year that strengthened your desire.

Set Three

Card FIVE may highlight something that is causing disharmony in your life.

Card SIX may show something that causes harmony in your life.

Set Four

Card SEVEN offers a possible clear message aimed at guiding you along your desired path.

Card EIGHT suggests an action aimed at obtaining your desire in the period ahead.


On the shortest day, at the darkest hour – asking difficult questions of oneself does come with a promise of possibilities.

You can move forward, the days are growing longer now.

You will get there in the end.

Just hang on in there.

You gotta love these phrases…!

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