Tarot Reading Online – Your 21st Century Psychic Search Algorithm

Tarot Reading Online: Your 21st Century Psychic Search Algorithm!

It’s no use asking a psychic what the future holds in store for you, they don’t know either! Psychics are not fortune-tellers!

Shocked? Wait, there’s more…

They also won’t know your mother’s maiden name or the number between 1 and 100 you’re thinking of right now. A psychic is not a mind reader. Psychic reading is the eternal spiritual search algorithm.

Tarot card reading is first and foremost, a communication channel. When understood as a platform, tarot online may be the most perfect alignment yet of information carrier and message delivery. It’s tarot card reading for 21st century minds in the age of digital technology.


Did you know… The word “psychic” is derived from the Greek word for “mind” but also means soul or “breath of life”.


A three way conversation

A psychic who engages with you today can be very different from the traditional image likely to be held in the popular imagination, and who may still be found in a brightly coloured booth at the end of a seaside pier. However, their role as mediators between inner and outer levels of conscious and unconscious energy remains undiminished.

The process of engaging by telephone and online in a three way conversation between a psychic, the enquirer and spiritualised energy has never been so uncluttered by visual props and accessories. No, not like a conference call, but more a powerful meeting of soul spirits. The unadorned and sharpened focusing upon revealed images and symbols aims to dissolve invisible barriers between seeing and perception, knowledge and insight.

So no images then of a tall dark handsome stranger, lottery ticket numbers, success at a job interview or whether a baby will be a boy or girl! That’s not really what psychics online are in the business of doing, nor, if you’re being honest with yourself, is it why you’re considering getting in touch with a psychic. To touch upon questions that have been stalking the edge of your thoughts for a long while, perhaps a very long while.

Elevated energy frequency

The need to talk – to externalise those great worry clouds and allow the light of invisible guidance shine through a cumulus of fluffy confusion. But a psychic is more than your fair-weather friend! They have a complex and delicate task to carry out, which draws upon more than turning tarot cards. Interpreting meaning, and conveying information in answer to a specific question, demands immersive awareness tuned to an elevated energy frequency.


Psychics in history… Edgar Cayce (March 18, 1877 – January 3, 1945), was an American psychic adviser to a variety of notable figures such as, President Woodrow Wilson, inventor Thomas Edison and Broadway songwriters, George Gershwin and Irving Berlin.


Transformative call to action

A psychic may appear to read minds but their heightened sensitivity often opens up exceptional levels of intuition. Acute empathy may manifest in the intense feeling of the emotions in others, experiencing visions, hearing spiritual guidance and seeing auras.

The opening of an invisible portal to exterior spiritual energy allows the tarot spread to become your personalised landing page. A message is encoded at a higher resolution. Each image or symbol can act as a journey to be navigated and to ultimately engage with the inner self. The aim is to connect with your own energy potential with a transformative call to action. Your psychic deciphers and interprets the implied messages, and translates ideas into potential future scenarios.

Pathways of thinking and doing

Where complex algorithms help link you to the object of your search online, the tarot enables you to find answers to your searching questions. Or more precisely, point to pathways of thinking and doing you felt sure you needed to embark upon – or perhaps, would never have thought of by yourself!

It’s also why psychics refrain from simple “will I win the lottery next week” guessing games!

An IT consultant may advise that your home computer / mobile / wifi network shows all the signs of needing an upgrade to solve connectivity issues.

Your psychic consultant may suggest that your life path shows all the signs of an needing an upgrade to solve personal issues.

Time to log on…

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