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Ask The “Winter” Tarot Cards Your Questions!

Is this you…

“No time for a psychic reading – way too busy at work and planning ahead to get everything done before Christmas. It means everything else is on hold until after New Year – right?”

Everything? Oh dear, that sounds a bit extreme!

It may have been a mild autumn and winter is definitely here but not all those prickly nagging thoughts put into winter hibernation will roll up in a ball and go to sleep. Psychic energy – as any good psychic will tell you – is always awake and ready to jump back into daily thoughts – and when you least expect!

But you really haven’t got time to do anything about niggly thoughts now – or have you?

Winter checklist

If you need to quickly know what do about an ongoing and fraught situation, or whether to leave until another time… there is a tarot card spread – a kind of winter checklist – consisting of just four cards laid out in a row from left to right:

Card Oneidentifies a certain area, or the seed of an idea, that perhaps is best to be left to hibernate for a while until the time is right for action to be taken.

Card Twodraws attention to something for contemplation – as in staring out of the window at falling rain or snow – and letting thoughts idly surface, unhindered.

Card Three – points out an issue that definitely needs urgent attention, like seeking protection against cold winds, freezing temperatures.

Card Four – indicates an area of life for letting go because it is over for now – very apt for winter – and part of a natural cycle that prepares for a new beginning or a kind of spring renewal!

Of course, once you re-engage with the spirit energy, it can be hard to resist exploring just a little bit further! Our last blog post, “Letting Your Autumn Leaves Go – A Tarot Card For All Seasons! discussed the alignment of seasonal qualities with specific card suits of the Minor Arcana, and possible actions to take.

The “elemental” forces symbolised by Winter are most often associated with the either the Suit of Swords or the Suit of Pentacles. So what does this mean for readings during the winter season and a higher than usual presence of cards from either of the two suits?

Time to think or too much thinking

The Suit of Swords – is most associated with the element of air and all things related to communication, i.e. thoughts, ideas and words.

Because tarot card readings are usually laid out to reveal separate information about an enquirer’s past, present and future, a Sword card in the ‘past’ position might indicate a previous thought or idea. Found in the ‘present’ position, a Sword card may shed light on any current plans while in the ‘future’ position, it could indicate strong, affirmative action or the resolution to a problem.

However, the presence of a large number of cards from the Suit of Swords in a reading often indicates that circumstances are to be addressed by thought and analysis alone and not necessarily by action. A reversed Swords card, on the other hand, might suggest that there has been “too much thinking” and not enough action to try and bring about a desired outcome.

It’s not too difficult to see how the energies of the Swords suit may be thought most apt for engaging with during the winter period. Time can be spent constructively going over thoughts, ideas and plans, which can be acted upon when the seasons change or the time is right.

Likewise, ideas and plans – but now formed from a very real, earth-bound perspective – are to be the focus of attention in the second of the two so-called “winter” suits…

Something in the material world needs attention

The Suit of Pentacles (also referred to as “Coins”) – is strongly linked to the earth element symbolising stability and practicality, such as in key areas of money and work. It’s most usual expression is found in the handling of finances, career and material possessions.

Turning over to reveal a Pentacles card in a tarot reading usually refers to something in an enquirer’s material world that needs attention. The energies may be directed towards the tangible assets of physical or intellectual property, or perhaps items of personal value. The energy spirit may point to an enquirer’s attitude to handling aspects of their material existence, and uncover underlying issues of self-esteem and self-image.

Positive aspects of this suit can include receiving a pay rise, completing a successful business transaction or coming into a large inheritance. A reversed Pentacles card may raise the possibility of a negative scenario as a result of overly-materialistic, possessive, and self-indulgent behaviour / lifestyle. The outcome could result in deteriorating health or relationship issues, which will need to be addressed.

Towards the end of the festive season – on the first day of January – the tradition is to make a New Year Resolution. It can be often based upon something that may have been at the back of a person’s mind for a long time, such as finding a new job or trying to put their finances in order.

But now – just before the holidays begin – clarity and insight from elemental tarot symbols associated with winter energy spirit will help in quietly resolving to make a timely decision.

Time is on your side.

It could be you…

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