Woman nervous about Tarot Card Reading

Wary of What You Will See?

Fear! It’s always likely to be the one thing holding someone back from consulting a psychic.

“What if the tarot cards show bad things happening?”, is a concern frequently heard. Others question whether psychic reading online does actually work.

Some are so wary that they simply shake their heads, declaring, “It’s best not to know…”

Too often it’s the very people with unanswered questions about their present situation and anxieties over what to do next.

So much so, they’ve been considering a tarot card reading. Just need a little more time to think about it. Maybe do it tomorrow, maybe not. Meanwhile, life goes on same old, same old…

Interestingly enough… nearly a quarter (23 per cent) of people have consulted a psychic, of which, well over half (57 per cent) believed the psychic was truthful, according to a YouGov poll of 2,500 British adults.

Delicate messages with sensitivity and compassion

A psychic and the information they impart is not there to scare you away! Quite the opposite. There may be something said through a particular spread of cards that will definitely give pause for thought. But isn’t that exactly what you came to hear?

To set the record straight… contrary to those old B movies or what someone might have told you at work, a true psychic will never tell you that you are “cursed with bad luck”, predict your death or diagnose serious health problems. A psychic reader will be respectful of your feelings and especially careful to deliver any delicate messages with sensitivity and compassion.

Crucially, you will not be told what to do. The interpretation of the cards aims to shed light on why certain events are happening in your life. You have the free will to respond in the way you feel is best for you.

Making a true and genuine connection

True psychics connect with the energy frequency conveyed through particular cards. It’s an energy that exists “everywhere” and yet “nowhere specific”. The right divination tools allow psychics access to be guided. A combination of experience and highly attuned intuition will be used to determine the information that may be relevant to the moment a question is asked.

Often insight and direction will resonate in defined imagery and symbols, but at other times, the potential is not clear or is yet unresolved. Your psychic will be straightforward and say when information is not forthcoming. The time is not right or not coherent, the moment passes, and the question may need to be asked again at a later date.

Very different from tales you may have heard of psychics trying to make information fit the cards or telling you what they think you want to hear! The work of a true and genuine psychic is only with making a true and genuine connection with you and the spirit source of information.

Highly tuned intuition of the psychic

A psychic reading is ultimately concerned with empowering your spirit. Revealing what work needs to be done to answer your question and set you on a different and, hopefully, better path. The task of a good psychic reader is to encourage you to be comfortable, relaxed, and at ease. Their aim is to uplift, not frighten or depress!

The art of interpreting the spread of images and symbols depends on the highly tuned intuition of the psychic allowing energy spirit to connect and freely flow. Important messages derived from spiritual guidance can only truly be accessed and engaged with by an undistracted focus on seeing and listening.

Learning to trust your own powers of intuition

The answer to your questions may be found in the insights revealed, and the thoughts and actions you may be advised to consider. You are shown possibilities. The power is with you to decide which direction you will take. The decision is always yours.

Only by learning to trust your own powers of intuition, to believe in your power to make a meaningful change will the answer to your questions start to become a living reality.

But first things first… it’s time to face your fear of the cards.

Pick one now!

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