Why A Psychic Reading Is Not Like Ordering From Amazon

A Psychic Reading Isn’t Like An Amazon Order

“The future now, please! And only tell me good things!”

Are you about to speak with a psychic or have your first tarot card reading?

It’s been on your to-do list for a while… to find out what the tarot cards have to say about your desire to see a change in certain aspects of your life.

In the age of Amazon, Uber and Just Eat, ordering “what you want when you want it” is almost second nature. Just click, touch or ask Alexa! Except of course, a psychic reading and the experience provided, is not the same thing as ordering a pizza within a set delivery time.

Expecting a psychic to announce the arrival of a future ‘to order’ is not just unrealistic, it’s simply not how the psychic energy spirit “works”. Personal change occurs outside the flow of sequential time. A process that can be very different from the way humans consciously understand the experience.

Catalysts for change

Existing energies can be viewed as an interplay of existing conditions that can be harnessed – voluntarily or involuntarily – as catalysts for change. Weather forecasting is the most typical example of the most complex involuntary forces, which are processed through computer modelling to arrive at potential outcomes within predicted time frames.

In one recent instance, which occurred in 2009, a scientific researcher warned that an earthquake would hit the Italian city of L’Aquila on a particular day, which failed to materialise. The researcher had pointed to the high readings of gas emissions, which indicated that the conditions were right for an earthquake event to occur. Exactly 7 days later, his ‘reading of the signs’ did come to pass and the city was engulfed by a 6.3 magnitude earthquake.

The interaction of physical forces can be measured within the material universe while the spirit energies may be felt to be present across non-physical states of existence and experience. Both can present as a random element, which may synchronise with the rational human world or appear in isolation.

Recognisable patterns of significance

At the very moment of a psychic reading, the conditions present suggest an outcome, which may result from an involuntary process. In the majority of cases, however, action has to be voluntarily carried out by the enquirer to enable the energy to flow and the possibilities to take place. From the moment of the reading onwards, conditions can change and – just like the weather – outcomes and timelines may be altered.

Randomness at the time of the reading may organise into recognisable patterns of significance across one or more tarot card spreads. While the information obtained is mostly clear and specific, it may not always be the case. There can also be one or two items that appear to make no sense “at the time”, and variability can also impact a timeline.

Relevance may be better understood at a later stage

Most experienced, professional psychics understand that the process is best served by patience and diligence. The relevance of one or more images or symbols may be better understood at a later stage when events occur that may be linked. In other words, your reading at the time may not be what you expected! Especially if you thought you would hear specific predictions and a time frame, within which, you expected to see a change of “fortune”.

The problem is the use of the word, “fortune!” The desire to shape the path of your life in a new direction requires voluntary action. This in itself will intervene in the possibility of the hoped-for future coming to pass. “Waiting around for things to happen” rather than focusing on actually bringing those changes into reality can affect the timeline.

A psychic aims to attune to your energy spirit, and align with the tarot, so specific information may be obtained. Openness to the process at the outset can help enable the intuitive and empathic energies to resonate. Entering into a reading with a fixed idea that single questions may be answered the way you hoped – and with an exact timing attached – may not produce the experience you imagined.

Events may indeed occur around the time suggested, but just like your pizza delivery, you should allow for unexpected delays – and you may have to call again!

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