From Traditional Psychic Reading to Tarot Online

The traditional role of the psychic was as an advisor to kings, queens, and other powerful statesmen and leaders but who would still consult with “a greater power” to help them make important decisions.

Psychics were called upon to read signs and decipher symbols in answer to questions on all of life’s big uncertainties, from sowing crops and planning battles to marriage prospects and financial success.

The origins of Tarot

An endless variety of techniques were developed by psychics to assist them in making ‘contact’ with a ‘plane of existence’ normally hidden from everyday life.

Insight could be obtained by divining tools such as casting runes, which date back to the 1st and 2nd century AD or the reading of tarot cards, which originated in Italy in around 1,300 AD as a game called Tarocci, word that was later adapted to the French word, Tarot.

By the 15th century in Italy, a new card game was invented called ‘The Game of Triumphs’, consisting of a series of symbolic picture cards but which were not used for prediction.

Most if not all of the Tarot decks used today, however, are derived from the late 1880s onward in England.

Beginning of The Spiritual Movement

By 1800, The Spiritual Movement in Britain and North America had begun, encouraging the spread of a popular form of psychic activity. Men and women from all walks of life would consult mediums anxious to communicate with the spirits of the departed ‘on the other side’.

Up to this present day, the most well-known image of a psychic and their methods is a small gathering of the bereaved around a table being delivered a fragment of a spoken message from deceased loved ones while apparently possessed with their ‘spirit’.

As the 20th century progressed, various branches of the discipline of psychology have developed a profound new understanding into the behaviour of the mind. Ongoing research continues to reveal the  way we process information, experience inner states and interpret the outer social environment.

The medium of technology

Today, psychics continue to perform their traditional role as interpreter and guide via the medium of technology. Consulting the Tarot online and a one-to-one telephone reading flourishes in a new instant virtual space for anyone seeking answers to problems that can so often become immovable barriers to self-understanding and personal growth.

No longer do individuals have to suffer an enduring struggle to work out the answers to seemingly unfathomable questions and hesitate over travelling to seek the advice of a psychic.

Timeless art of interpretation

As throughout all of recorded history, in the age of instant communication many ordinary mortals still need to call upon the advice of a psychic. The ‘power of the spiritual world’ is still rooted in the timeless art of interpretation of the Tarot cards and relating its meaning to the enquirer’s personal life path.

Endowed with the ‘divine’ gifts of sensitivity, empathy and ‘spiritual’ insight, the symbols continue to be interpreted, new meaning given to words and actions, and offering reassurance to the solving of life’s problems, big or small.