Psychic Readings

Consulting with the spiritual world and the evolution of psychic readings has a long history. Divination – the art of reading the signs – was practiced by the high priest in the world of ancient Egypt around four and half thousand years ago.

However, belief in the power of the spirits to intervene in the affairs of mere mortals may be traced back some 50,000 years to the Upper Paleolithic period or early stone age. Evidence has been found of rituals and worship appearing to show a link to the spirit world and the seeking of guidance in the earthly realm.

Fortune teller

Throughout recorded history, it seems humans have felt compelled to call upon the advice of a fortune-teller, i.e. those endowed with the ‘divine’ gifts of ‘spiritual’ insight to help them in their daily lives as well as make a potentially life-changing decision. In more recent times the practice of Spiritualism – where a ‘medium’ acted as an intermediary between the world of the living and the world of the spirit – came to prominence during the 19th century.

Today, research reveals that 1 in 3 people claim they believe in spirits or other types of paranormal phenomena, and say they would ask a psychic to try and help them find answers to their problems.  Around 1 in 10 admit to having already consulted with a psychic.

Online psychic

Calling upon the psychic world continues to flourish in the 21st century, aided by the power of communication technology and the click of a mouse. The online psychic offers a modern “mindful” way to help individuals refocus and visualise future possibilities they were unaware of could exist in their lives.

In a more rational and sceptical age, the role of the modern psychic is not to “predict” the future but to act as a communication channel for creating possible futures, and which could become a new goal on a different life path. Many ordinary mortals still need a psychic to interpret the signs and give meaning to words and actions, which can help with solving life’s problems, big and small.

Tarot online

Interpreting the signs and images of the tarot online is one of the most powerful methods used in psychic readings today.

The heightened sensitivity of a psychic to an individual’s inner energies intuitively allows them to “read” the potential for a meaningful answer to a question, which could be the most appropriate for the situation at the time of asking the question.

A psychic cannot say what the outcome will definitely be as a result of a decision to act upon the information signposted in a spread of cards. But they may advise on the possible consequences of the various actions that may be chosen.

Tarot reading

In today’s approach to tarot reading, a psychic still acts as a “medium”, through which, an individual’s inner energy may resonate with meaning drawn from the cards. The aim is to help identify issues to be faced and encourage confidence in the ability to make the changes needed to solve inner or outer conflicts.

A tarot reading can only provide an indication of possible future outcomes, which an individual is not bound to follow. The enquirer still has free will to act or not act in their ongoing desire to make changes in their present life path.

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