The Devil

The Devil tarot card

The Devil card represents the ties and commitments that can come as the consequences of our actions. It is often about obsession, excess, passion used negatively or purely for self gain.

Around legal matters this is a warning to be extra careful before taking on commitments because you may end up taking on more than you bargained for, and then find it very difficult to extricate yourself.

In relationships it can be where there is an obsession with material wealth and showiness along with other destructive things such as jealousy, possessiveness, abuse, cruelty, neediness or manipulation. There is a lack of anything spiritual with this card.

With this card, you can feel a loss of personal strength, often a sense of powerlessness and that you are being controlled by someone or something else.

It may be that personal power can be reclaimed and new choices made or it may be that a person has to live with the consequences of their decisions and their actions.

If someone is contemplating something such as a love affair or dodgy business dealings and the Devil comes up before they have done that, then it is a clear warning NOT to do those things because the consequences are unlikely to be pleasant.