The Tower

The Tower tarot card

Something unexpected and unplanned is happening in your life. It will probably cause a big change and possibly considerable upheaval. It will sweep away what needs to change and make way for new and better things. It may be there have been warnings for a while and the person has not done anything about it.

For example, someone who is very unhappy in their job, but too afraid to change, suddenly gets fired or made redundant. Certain things have to change. Even if the Tower were rebuilt, it would never be the same as it was before.

The Tower will bring a silver lining, although it can be very difficult to see that when you are in the aftermath of a Tower event. The people falling seem to be in free-flow and may well land on some soft ground below.

The biggest challenge with the Tower can be to let go of the past situation and to go with the flow of the new one.

When people have had a Tower in their lives, most of them will look back in a few months and say “I am glad that event happened, because we have been able to do such and such and if it hadn’t, we would never have done that”.

It signifies a period of growth and change, often very challenging. When a Tower occurs, it is often one of those events you did not see coming and even if you did, could do very little to stop it. However, you still have the choice of how you react and the decisions you make to take you forward.